My Daughter Out-Geeked Me!

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(image: flickr/faceme)(image: flickr/faceme)

(image: flickr/faceme)

My kids seem to get into music that’s much too old for them. I do keep an eye on the lyrics, but largely I don’t mind as long as it’s getting them singing along and dancing.

One downside is that it makes me feel much older. In fact, when I heard about the upcoming collaboration between Plan B and Xbox I had to go and ask my ten-year-old who Plan B was. She set me straight, and gave me some suggestions for other bands I might like.

This piqued her interest though and she started reading over my shoulder at the announcement from Microsoft about the first winner in their summer job competition — working for Xbox at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

She was disappointed when I had to tell her she wasn’t old enough to enter, or to work at a hotel (and especially at the “Ibiza Rocks Penthouse”). This didn’t stop her carrying on reading, though.

The first winner, David French a 25-year-old graduate, seemed more than a little excited at the prospect of his new job. “I am absolutely thrilled to have won such an amazing role. I can’t wait to get out there and start working; I know it’ll be challenging but a lot of fun and I look forward to what will no doubt be an amazing experience.”

While I’m sure that Microsoft got value for money in terms of media buzz from this, I’d be more than happy if my daughter won something like this — once she’s old enough to enjoy it.

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