Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Book Is Better Than Everything You Ever

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It’s difficult to believe that it’s been almost three years since the Internet was captivated with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The surprise phenomenon was spurred on by the Hollywood writer’s strike. Joss Whedon, the Horrible creator, said that the strike was “my opportunity. The only way to do it was by myself — and by ‘by myself,’ I mean with the help of everyone I know.” Now, a new book from Titan Books captures behind-the-scenes planning, interviews, the full shooting script and, of course, sheet music and lyrics for all the songs.

If you are a Dr. Horrible fan, you must check this book out. The book begins with a conversation about everything that led up to the creation of the show, including notes, emails and photos from the planning meetings. Felicia Day writes about how she became involved and Simon Helberg recalls why nobody wanted to be Moist. Shawna Trpcic explains all of the decisions behind the costume design (her husband designed the Captain Hammer shirts) and Nathan Fillion’s friend, P.J. Haarsma, describes the development of Dr. Horrible’s remote control iPhone app. And it is all perfectly bookended with a foreword by Nathan Fillion and ends with an afterword by Neil Patrick Harris.

It’s no wonder NPH has called Dr. Horrible “the single best thing I have ever done.” And this, coming from a guy who performed an appendectomy at age 14. WHOA! Did you see that unicorn? Its horn was so shiny!

Disclosure: Titan Books sent GeekDad a review copy.

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