Barack Obama: Superhero or Mere Mortal?

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SavagedragonSavagedragonOn the heels of news that President-Elect Barack Obama will appear on the cover of an upcoming Spiderman book, the guys over at Comic Book Resources have an exclusive first look at the cover of Youngbloods #8, which also features the likeness of Mr. Obama. The 44th president will also feature prominently in the storyline.

This week’s cover announcements only add to Obama’s growing comic résumé. The President Elect has also been slated to appear as an alternate cover for Savage Dragon #145. Last fall he appeared in Presidential Material: Barack Obama (there was a similar book that featured John McCain) and Antarctic Press published a similar comic called Obama: The Comic Book.

Maug084144Maug084144GeekDad’s Matt Blum was one of the first to recognize Obama’s geek cred and the President Elect’s love of comics is well documented at this point. While other presidents have appeared in comic books over the years, Obama has surely broken the record for appearances … before even being inaugurated.

All of this attention begs the question — With all these comic book covers, is President-Elect Barack Obama a superhero? Or are comic writers and artists just excited about our next president?

Me? I’m holding back judgment until I see Obama leap over the Washington Monument, fix the Liberty Bell with his bare hands or do something really impressive – like put an end to pork barrel spending. Until then, I’m going to read some comic books. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just write my own Obama comic

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