A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Sunday, May 8th

Geek Culture

As we’ve reported before, our good friends over at Google are starting up a daily puzzle challenge. Each day’s puzzle will task your googling skills a little more, leading you to Google mastery.

And much to our enjoyment, they’ve decided to share the puzzles with us at GeekDad (hmm… Google a Day? GD? GeekDad?), so each morning at 12:01am ET you’ll see a new puzzle, and the previous day’s answer (in invisitext) posted here.

SPOILER WARNING: As a test, we’re going to leave the comments on so people can work together to find the answer. As such, if you want to figure it out all by yourself, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!

Also, with the knowledge that because others may publish their answers before you do, if you want to be able to search for information without accidentally seeing the answer somewhere, you can use the Google-a-Day site’s search tool, which will automatically filter out published answers, to give you a spoiler-free experience.

And now, without further ado…


Bill is famous for being murdered holding the world’s most famous two pair. In 1855, he met another soon-to-be-famous 12-year-old Bill. What was that 12-year-old’s nickname as an adult?


It’s a good idea to start your query with the more obvious variables, so search [radius 2GM 2.95 Msun KM]. Results will hint that this question has something to do with black holes. Search [black holes], and you will find that this equation exists to find the Schwarzschild radius. Karl Schwarzschild is the German physicist for whom the radius is named.

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