Mansions of Madness Will Drive You Deliciously Insane

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Image : Fantasy Flight Games

Let’s make it short : GeekDad Michael Harrison didn’t like Mansions of Madness. I did.

Mansions of Madness is the newest board game by Fantasy Flight Games. It’s a mix between Arkham Horror (for the Cthulhu-verse and the Investigators characters) and Descent (for the modular tile map-building and the Keeper’s role in putting obstacles on the way of the other players) but adds a lot more.

Here’s a few of the game’s qualities:

1. The art is beautiful and really contributes to the game’s ambiance.

Almost everyone agrees about the beautiful material provided in the box. The map tiles are especially beautiful, deliciously gloomy, perfect to create a Lovecraftian atmosphere. From Nursery to Master’s Bedroom, from the great stairs of the Foyer to the Graveyard’s stones, they offer very diverse settings for the game’s horror stories. And the monster miniatures are a lot of fun, of course.

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