20 More Things We Want to See at E3 (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)


E3 Show (image: flickr/popculturegeek)E3 Show (image: flickr/popculturegeek)

E3 Show (image: flickr/popculturegeek)

Having scoured the internet for my 30 anticipated games of E3 the other week I was inundated with titles I had missed. As well as showing me how much more valuable my social-graph is than a simple Google search, it also got me thinking about a follow up post.

(I think the social gods were listening because just as I was putting this post together, Kinect Me popped up on my radar. This is the rumored new Kinect driven social network interface on the 360 that brings together Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and Flipboard style presentation.)

So, before I get to my hopes for motion controlled games (MotionPlus, Move and Kinect) later this week, here are the next set of games I’m setting my sights on for new announcements at E3:

Super Mario 3DSuper Mario 3D

Super Mario 3D

Super Mario 3DS carries the weight of a dynasty on its shoulders. As the pieces come together though, it looks like a pretty safe bet for the first truly 3D Mario.Mario 64 was an uncomfortable revolution, what you gained in 3D you lost in pixel perfect jumps. Super Mario 3DS can set this straight by using the 3D screen to accurately depict depth.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS is the green shoots of third party buy in to the new console. A new Metal Gear game is big news on any platform, on a Nintendo system it’s all the more surprising. Years after given us a brief glimpse of the potential of hand-held 3D gaming, one of the greatest entries in the Metal Gear Solid series is set to sneak, crawl and shoot onto the Nintendo 3DS.

Saints Row The Third doesn’t hold anything back, instead of a drip feed of abilities and locations it relies on your ability to sculpt a character and life in the world to draw you in. In spite of the looming shadow of the GTA series, Saints Row has successfully found a great following and defined its own trademark style and appeal. This year, the third installment is due to break, enter and probably re-arrange your crib.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HDMonster Hunter Portable 3rd HD

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD

Monster Hunter comes to the PS3 after a couple of false starts. But this is no longer in the form of previously promised Monster Hunter Tri (Wii conversion), but an HD version of the (unreleased in Europe/US and PSP-native) game Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, as it seems to be currently titles (although surely it will be shortened a little), will provide HD PS3 visuals as well as 3D compatibility. If you already play the game on the PSP you can also chare your save files between the two formats (PS3 and PSP).

Deus Ex Human Revolution returns to the origins of its enhanced-humanity drama to offer players a living world and the chance for personal expression.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon brings us more chaotic fire fights, massive insects and of the return of the jet pack. Happily, it seems to be keenly aware of what make the franchise popular and is sticking to it, despite a change in developer.

Captain America: Super Soldier is Sega’s second Marvel movie tie-in of 2011, following on from May’s Thor: God of Thunder. This action platformer will allow players to wield Cap’s shield against the forces of Hydra at the height of World War II.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel leaves the old West in favor of a more modern era. Three player co-op and a good range of city and desert locations still distinguish the game, but will the loss of cowboys and real world problems in Juarez could sour things for fans.

Alan Wake 2Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 (or whatever they call the next game) seemed unlikely, but now looms on the road ahead. While we must wait for the official announcement, amidst the hope and conjecture it seems increasingly likely that Alan Wake 2 will be formally announced at E3 2011.

Track Mania 2 Canyon refines the racing model and track creation tools to make it even more accessible and fun for you to jump into for the first time.

Battlefield 3 consolidates its latent PC shooting gameplay with improved animations and more extensive environmental destruction. Although the 360 and PS3 versions can’t deliver the PC’s 64 man shoot-outs, Battlefield 3 still promises to be impressive whatever platform you play it on.

Crush3D is a puzzle platform game where you manipulate 2D and 3D space to solve problems and attack enemies. It is an update to the award-winning Crush PSP title on the 3DS. It promises to work well on the new Nintendo handheld through the touch screen and use of its 3D display.

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