10 Lego Universe Items You Should Have


If you’ve been exploring Lego Universe, you know that having the right inventory can be extremely useful. Prima Games has recently released their Lego Universe strategy guide, and they’ve given us this peek at some items you should have (and how to get them). Take a look to see if you’ve got them all already — the complete guide will have faction guides, detailed maps, tactics to earn LEGO bricks that can be used to Free Build anything, and strategies to unlock every achievement.

10 Lego Universe Items You Should Have

Lego Universe boomboxLego Universe boombox

1. Boombox

To complete the “Musical Repair 1” achievement on Nimbus Station quickbuild all four instruments at the Red Blocks concert, and you’ll earn one of the most useful activatables in the game. Carry around your Boombox and break it out whenever you want to dance around and party. Not only is it fun, but you can pull it out when you’re in a spot without readily available smashables and gain 10 imagination just by dancing around.

2. Exceptional Bass Guitar

To complete the “A Licensed Technician” achievement on Nimbus Station quickbuild all four of the concert effects at the front of the stage into the same type at the same time. You’ll have to hurry before they break apart and reset, so stock up on full imagination before attempting it. If you do manage the feat, you earn the Exceptional Bass Guitar, a very excellent 2/2/2 basic weapon attack.

Lego Universe dieLego Universe die

3. Lego Die

You’ll find the skeleton cage just past Merciless Ned and before Brig Rock in Gnarled Forest. A Stromling Ape likes to guard the area, so be careful when you get close enough to spin this cage. Rotate the cage 25 times and you win the Lego Die activatable item. Roll 100 “6s” with the Lego Die and you earn the Rolling Dice shirt from the “It’s Truly Random” achievement.

Lego Universe Maelstrom hammerLego Universe Maelstrom hammer

4. Maelstrom Hammer

This 2/3/3 hammer smashes foes hard and smashes certain Maelstrom statues even harder. You need this weapon to smash apart the dragon, mantis, and panda statues in Forbidden Valley, as well as the anvil to reach the master ninja Numb Chuck and the dragon gongs in the Dragon’s Den. Gathermaster Klex rewards you with your choice of Maelstrom Hammer (mantis, panda, dragon, and monkey styles) when you complete his mission to collect the four bricks within the Bell Shrines.

Lego Universe ninja hoodLego Universe ninja hood

5. Ninja Hood

In the Forbidden Valley, Numb Chuck rewards you with your choice of a White Ninja Hood or a Black Ninja Hood, which allow you to pass through the Forbidden Passage barrier and rocket directly back to the Hidden Dojo when accessing a launch pad from Nimbus Station. Both give you +1 Armor Point, +3 Imagination Points, but the black one makes those around you strike a mantis pose, while the white one makes those around you strike a crane pose. Smash the anvil in front of Master Fong with your Maelstrom Hammer and take the quickbuild elevator up to Numb Chuck to put on your Ninja Hood.

6. Ninja Style Gi

The ninja style gis turn your hands into weapons of mass destruction, all without an item in hand! Each grants you a formidable melee attack, and all three gis offer slightly different bonuses: the Dragon Style Gi gives +6 Armor, +8 Imagination; the Mantis Style Gi gives +7 Armor, +7 Imagination; and the Panda Style Gi gives +8 Armor, +6 Imagination. Prove yourself to the three master ninjas and Master Fong will award you this super ninja uniform.

Lego Universe pirate captain hatLego Universe pirate captain hat

7. Pirate Captain Hat

Start hacking apart Stromling Pirates in Gnarled Forest if you want this comfy hat. You’ll need to smash 1,125 pirates to earn the “Venture Privateer 3” achievement, which gives you the +1 Armor, +2 Imagination Pirate Captain Hat. The hat also enables you to rocket directly to Pirate Camp if you’re wearing it from Nimbus Station, and it makes your friends dance around you while restoring 3 imagination when you activate it.

Lego Universe Shiver Me Timbers AxeLego Universe Shiver Me Timbers Axe

8. Shiver Me Timbers Axe

Got a ranged weapon to blow up explosive crates without smashing apart yourself? Get busy blowing those crates before they blow someone else up! If you smash 1,125 of them — and that’s a lot of smashing! — you earn the Shiver Me Timbers Axe, a 2/2/2 weapon with a charge-up power that deals light damage but slows an enemy down. If you come up short and only crush 125 explosive crates, you still pick up the 1/1/1 Avast Blast Flintlock Pistol that can fire a 3-damage projectile.

9. Super Scimitar of Rooting

Brick Fury destroys any enemy that sets foot or hoof near him in Forbidden Valley. You’re going to be a busy MiniFigure luring Maelstrom Horseman toward Brick Fury in droves to earn the “Lead the Charge” achievement. Pull 100 Horseman into Brick Fury’s destructive range and you win the Super Scimitar of Rooting, a 2/3/3 weapon with a charge-up power to root enemies in place. A powerful attack with a great ability should sound good to anyone who likes to cut through enemies.

Lego Universe White Conical HatLego Universe White Conical Hat

10. White Conical Hat

What’s the big deal about a white hat? Well, the +3 Armor Points for head gear is a sizeable boost for MiniFigures who like to mix it up in combat a lot. To earn the White Conical Hat, complete Brickmaster Clang’s mission to build three Maelstrom Turrets and block the crypts in Forbidden Valley’s Cavalry Hill. Too bad you don’t get the hat first, because you just might need it against the powerful Maelstrom Horseman swarming Cavalry Hill.

The Lego Universe team is also coming out with a series of tutorial videos, the first of which can be seen below:

Photos and item descriptions provided by Prima Games.

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