Want a Pair of Gunnar Glasses? Go to Best Buy — or Enter Our Giveaway!

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Gunnars at Best BuyGunnars at Best Buy

It’s no exaggeration to say that everyone I know who’s tried Gunnar Optiks glasses has loved them. Everyone’s a bit skeptical that just slipping on a set of yellow-tinted lenses can really reduce eyestrain that much, but a few days of wearing them have convinced even the most skeptical person I know: me.

I first wrote about Gunnars in January of last year, and my opinion of them hasn’t changed a bit. I still wear that same set every day while at my day job as a software engineer, and usually at night when I’m writing and/or editing for GeekDad. I’m really pleased to see how the brand has grown, because I think they’ve got a great product that should be in every geek’s home. So I was excited to learn that, on a limited basis to begin with, some Gunnar glasses will be available at certain Best Buy locations across the U.S. Prescription lenses will be available by way of agreements via Carl Zeiss Vision with eye care providers all over the country — for more money, of course, but still well worth it. If the limited deal works well for Gunnar and Best Buy, it will be expanded to Best Buy stores everywhere. For now, you can find a Best Buy near you that carries them by using this tool.

But you can also, if you’re lucky, win one of FOUR pairs of Gunnars (pictured above) that the company is generously providing for us to give away! We’re giving away one set of each of the four types of glasses the company is currently selling at Best Buy: PPK Onyx and Onyx/Mercury (retail price: $79 each), MLG Phantom ($79) and SteelSeries Scope ($99). Enter using the form below — if the form doesn’t display or doesn’t work for any reason, you can enter here instead. Leaving a comment on this post will not constitute an entry to the giveaway, and winners will not get to choose which set they receive. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The giveaway ends at 11:59pm EDT this Friday (April 15). The giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

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