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Drew WorthleyDrew Worthley

Drew Worthley

I’m always keen to get my kids using technology creatively. Recently though, our online discoveries have inspired them to get creative in a less technological way.

It started the other morning when my son appeared at my bedside (much too early in the morning) asking for “Star Wars music”. “Why don’t you Google it?” was my stock answer, but soon had him back with a disappointed look on his face. I bit the bullet and headed downstairs to help.

He had managed to find an orchestral version of the Star Wars theme, but this didn’t seem to be what he wanted. “I want music about Star Wars.” The penny dropped, and a little more Googling turned up a song that has now become a theme for our Easter holiday: “When I Was A Boy” by Drew Worthley.

Andrew Worthley - The EmberAndrew Worthley - The Ember

Drew Worthley – The Ember

Something about it clicked with my boy’s desire for a Star Wars song. In fact he spent a week or so almost constantly humming the chorus to himself (and anyone else who would listen)…

Listen to a clip.

When I was a boy I was going to be Luke Skywalker

Make myself a real bright blue lightsaber

Wear a cloak shoot my laser, go and rescue Princess Leia.

And the stormtroopers would fall all around,

The stormtroopers would fall as I ran through the woods with my sister and pals

Ran with Lando, Chewie and Han.

More than the catchy tune and lyrics though, I was interested to see how this song caused a chain reaction of creativity in our family. The kids all started making up their own songs around their favorite films, toys and books. Before long we had odes to the 3DS, ditties for Lego and melodies about Top Trumps. Needless to say we had soon bought the album for the next road trip.

Star Wars Song clip by kind permission of Drew Worthley.

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