Snap-Together Trebuchet Solves All Your Desktop Siege Engine Needs (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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Photo by Ken Denmead

It’s the Ikea flatpack vision of ballista. The Trebuchette, designed by Evan Murphy and Michael Woods, turns one of the greatest inventions in the history of siege warfare and makes it a kit you can punch out and assemble in 15 minutes. I should know, I’ve done it.

Photo by Ken Denmead

Evan and Michael are two young engineers on hiatus from a start-up who decided to see if they could design a trebuchet they could cut out using a CNC laser-cutter. In just a couple short months, they have perfected the Trebuchette, and are now embarking on turning it into a viable small business. To that end, they’ve started a kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling (or launching, as the case may be). The sweet twist on their campaign is that they also want to deliver the fruits of their labors to schools for science education.

Photo by Ken Denmead

So stop by their site, give a little money, get a cool table-top siege engine, and help some schools as well. And then let’s all start urging them to apply this design to something a little bit larger, eh?

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