Smart Enough To Know Better, and Bad Accents

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SETKBSETKBDan Beeston and Greg Wah, the deranged duo which make up Smart Enough To Know Better, are currently running a competition where they basically want to hear you try to do an Australian Accent. And as an added bonus, in their last podcast they begrudgingly offered a Cryptozoo T-shirt as a prize.

Dan and Greg describe their podcast a blend of “science, comedy, and ignorance.” In the last couple of episodes they have covered topics as diverse as surviving the Zombie Apocalypse as a zombie, billboards advertising the End of the World, pi, licenses for witches, and Quantum Mechanics, as well as interviewing Jarmo Puskala (of Iron Sky fame) and John Birmingham.

I would love to take part, but given that it is only open to anyone that doesn’t have a natural Australian accent, I think that rules me out. For the rest of you, go for it. The competition will apparently finish when Dan and Greg “get bored with it.” My suggestion: vote early, vote often.

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