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The Bolt by Fragonard

Things are heating up over at GeekMom this week, as we tackle an appropriate subject for this time of year. Yes, Sexuality and the Geek Week is upon us, and we’re throwing open the covers on the subject. Who would make a better love interest, Spock or Kirk? What was the scoop with Mulder and Scully? And is our obsession with Mr. Darcy really healthy?

Our first tantalizing tidbit is from Rebecca Angel, whose piece “How to Get Laid in Every RPG Session” really cuts to the chase:

I did not set out to make such a stud, but it became a highlight in my role-playing career. He was a good guy, but a total jerk. I had the fun of acting like a villain in my personal life, but plot-wise I always was the hero (so the party wouldn’t kick me out.) I’ll tell you my experience and I encourage you to steal any part of my character for your own sordid enjoyment.

First of all I played a guy. I had always played girl characters because I am a girl, and feel we need to be represented in the traditional male-dominated fantasy setting. But I had just played a couple of girls, and one pre-gendered teen (long story for another post) and was in the mood to try something different.

Into my imagination waltzed Prince Percy (Percival, but don’t call him that) Victors, complete with 18th century pink satin and ruffles; looking at me with a bored expression. He was a royal, pampered, wealthy “dandy,” a squeamish vampire (hated the sight of blood — yes, it made for interesting moments), was lecherous and very, very charming. He was also bisexual, but preferred women. Percy was an impeccable dresser and carried a black-lace Hello Kitty parasol to keep off the sun. Oh, and he was a complete asshole.

Read the rest of Rebecca’s post over at GeekMom, and stay tuned for the rest of the week. If you dare!

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