GeekDad Challenge Of The Week: QR Crazy Winner

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This week’s challenge asked you to decipher 4 QR codes. The messages in the first three were pretty easy, but the fourth threw a few of you. The hidden messages were:

  • What’s your
  • favorite April 1
  • product from
  • 38.858604,-77.334035

The numbers, as most of you discerned, are the lat/long coordinates of our favorite purveyors of geeky goods and challenge sponsor, ThinkGeek. At GeekDad, we’re pretty convinced that ThinkGeek is lobbying to have April Fool’s Day named after them, because nobody does a better job of consistently coming up with funny and wonderful foolishness. This year was no exception and I am patiently waiting until the Playmobil Apple Store is back in stock.

For most of you, your favorite was the tauntaun sleeping bag and I have to agree with you. Anyway, thanks to everyone who entered, especially those of you who took the time to reply in QR code, you clever devils, you! Our winner can be found after the break. Check back in on Monday for another fun challenge!

And don’t forget, you can save $10 off any purchase of $50 or more at ThinkGeek (arsenic-based sea monkeys excluded) by entering the code GEEKDAD44AF at checkout.

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