Bring America Together by Building an AT-AT

Geek Culture

Mike Koehler is a man with a dream – and a mistaken understanding of my importance in the greater geek universe. A couple days ago, he tweeted Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Mark Frauenfelder (Make Magazine), and me (you know) about his grand idea to bring America together: use Kickstarter funds and the collective genius of the geek/maker community to build a fully-functional, full-scale All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT).

Okay, maybe not “fully-functional” – I doubt anyone can pull off the blaster turrets. But a walking transport actually seems within the realm of possibility, and Mike thinks we – as a nation – can pull it off. I’m not going to doubt either his resolve or the ingenuity of the geek community. We can do this.

Word is that Kickstarter has approved the project, but the funding page has not been set up yet, so all details can be found right now at the temporary site. The point being, though, that there must be plenty of folks in the GeekDad and GeekMom communities who can help. No, this won’t solve world hunger, or cure a disease, or help any other completely valid and needy cause. But it will spark imagination, and involvement, and the spirit of cooperation that we could all use a little more of in these challenging days.

And it’s nice to see word is getting out:

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