Wii Mommies: Getting Fit Through Electronics

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WiiMommiesWiiMommiesI am a geek about many things. Television, books, comics and even some types of technology. But I completely fail when it comes to video games.

I remember when Pong came out. I played the original Atari at a friend’s house but we never had one of our own. Then I went off to college, the first two years at a military academy, so I completely missed the video gaming revolution.

My kids have offered to teach me but the games haven’t interested me enough to want to spend the time learning.

Until we got a Wii and I saw this Wii Fit product.

A game that helped you lose weight.

As someone who’s struggled with eating right and being in shape her entire life, this was definitely appealing. I admit, I don’t use it as much as I should, as I prefer going out to the YMCA, but this is the first video game I love. I totally kill on the obstacle course. My younger son is jealous.

Apparently, I’m not the only mom who loves this game because there’s an entire website devoted to it: Wii Mommies.

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