Well-Guarded Castle (GeekDad POTD)

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Castle securityCastle security

Photo: Jonathan Liu

Ok, so I’m being totally shameless and using my own photo as the Picture of the Day, but I just had to share. My seven-year-old daughter got out her little watercolor paints and went upstairs and worked for quite a while, coming downstairs a couple times to change out the water. A bit later, she came downstairs, got out a stool and helped herself to the tape dispenser in the hall closet and took it with her. I didn’t ask her what she was doing but when I went upstairs later this photo is the sight that greeted me. It’s not her usual style of painting so I asked her what they were for. She explained:

The sign in the middle has a big olive-green button that you push and it says who can enter and who can’t. Then you put your hand on the handprint and it scans it — and if your handprint doesn’t match the ones who can come in, then this sharp thing comes out and cuts your finger. This thing [on the right] scans your eye to see who you are.

Yeah. So basically my daughter painted a handprint scanner and retinal scanner for her princess castle.

Castle entranceCastle entrance

Photo: Jonathan Liu

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