Tell Me a Story: 3 Games of Creative Storytelling

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The art of telling stories is an important one even in this digital age. Even if we don’t sit around a fire every night passing down old tales and making up new ones, I think we’d all agree that a good story is worth hearing (or watching on a screen, small or large). In order to have good stories, though, we need good storytellers. What better time to start training up a storyteller than when kids are young and their imaginations are in full bloom? And what better way to teach kids something than a game?

We’ve mentioned Rory’s Story Cubes before — available as a set of dice and as an app — as a game that exercises your creativity muscle, and the Land of Me is an innovative digital book/game/activity that also encourages storytelling. Here are a few more games that encourage very different sorts of storytelling.

Click ahead to read my full reviews of each:

  1. StoryWorld Create-a-Story Kit from Templar Books
  2. Dixit from Libellud/Asmodee
  3. Fictionaire from Days of Wonder

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