Pokemon Black for the Nintendo DS: A Geek Teen Review


One of the perks of being an official GeekMom is that I receive review copies of some of my kid’s favorite games. My two sons and one daughter were particularly pleased to get their hands on a copy of the new Pokemon Black game for the DS.

I’ve never played a Pokemon game in my life, so I turned this review over to the eldest son, who is fifteen. My daughter reluctantly gave him the game for review. I suspect she might get it back because my son told me he’s now hooked on a Pokemon game again. As you can see, he provided some really detailed information about the game.

My review of Pokemon Black:

Yep, another Pokemon game. Guess they ran out of Islands to base the regions off of, because this one is a loose replica of New York.

I’ve heard from many people that this is just the same thing as all the other the Pokemon games, and it is, but with some new features. This game managed to surprise me because I think they really listened to the gamers this time.

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