Lego Spaceship Designs From A to Z (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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Every now and then, GeekDad gets a nice e-mail from a reader who has done something really cool. And this is really cool!

Mark Anderson is a Chicago cartoonist who spent two years designing and building a Lego spaceship for each letter of the alphabet (inspired, of course, by the X-Wing Fighter).

He says on his Andertoons blog:

When I was a kid growing up on Star Wars, I thought the X-wing was the best spaceship I’d ever seen. Of course the Millennium Falcon was great, and goodness knows the good old NCC-1701 was awesome, but the X-wing and its letter inspired brethren the Y-wing and A-wing (what the hell was with the B-wing?! It looked nothing like a B!) were just the coolest.

So later on as I got back into LEGO and was building spaceships I thought revisiting the idea of alphabet shaped ships would be fun.

It’s taken me almost two years (I have kids and a job after all), but now I’ve done all 26 letters of the alphabet in glorious spacey LEGO.

Check out Lego Alphabet Spaceships at Anderson’s Flickr site.

[NOTE: This article was written by Dan Donahoo and was originally published on Monday.]

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