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Munchkin is one of our favorite card games – not only is it fun to play and often the source of side-splitting laughter – but also because GeekDad superfriend, John Kovalic, makes all the pretty pictures for the cards. It’s been a while since we last looked at Munchkin, so let’s kick down the door and see what’s new.

Under the Munchkin banner is a new booster pack, though you may have seen these cards before. Munchkin Reloaded includes 15 cards that replicate the cards from Munchkin Dice. This time around, the cards are in full color and include race and class modifiers, among others and also includes the classic Rock Falls, Everyone Dies. Reloaded Die cards now have a gold value associated with them, as well.

If pirates arrrrrrr more your speed, you’ll be happy to see this mini expansion for the standalone Munchkin Booty game. Fish & Ships nets you 15 full-color cards that can be played with or without the previous expansion, Jump The Shark. In the deck you’ll find a half dozen new ships, a couple of ship enhancers and two new sharks, plus some other surprises.

Finally, there’s a ship expansion for Star Munchkin named, strangely enough, Space Ships. This pack was released in response to the popularity of ships in the Booty game. It only made sense to include ships in Star Munchkin, so here they are. In this pack, you’ll get nine new ships, a few ship enhancers and even a new palindromic sidekick named Otto.

All of these expansion and booster packs are available at your local game shop or can be purchased from Warehouse 23.

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