Viz Media Continues to Add Manga Titles to iPad App

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Viz Media, publishers of some of the most popular manga series, launched its free iPad app in December to provide manga titles available for electronic reading. Since then, they’ve slowly been adding not only titles but more volumes of the series that are already included in the App.

Screen Cap of Vampire Knight for iPad

As of February, titles available via the app include

  • Bleach, up to volume 8
  • Captive Hearts, volumes one and two
  • Claymore, volumes 1-3
  • D. Gray Man, volumes 1-4
  • Death Note, volumes 1-7
  • Dragon Ball, volumes 1-13
  • Merupuri, volumes one and two
  • Naruto volumes 1-14
  • One Piece, volumes 1-14
  • Otomen, volumes 1-3
  • Ouron High School Host Club, volumes 1-3
  • Rurouni Kenshin, volumes 1-7
  • Toriko, volumes 1-2
  • Vampire Knight, volumes 1-3

Of the titles listed, my son’s favorites are Bleach, which I reviewed here at GeekDad, and Naruto, the companion manga to the popular anime series. If you have the technology, this is an excellent way to introduce your kids to some of these titles at no charge. Warning: they may get addicted and send you out to the store for the later volumes.

The one difference in the iPad editions versus the print versions is that it’s no longer necessary to read the book backwards, as it were.

However, the panels of the manga have been translated exactly as they are in the books, so you will have to scan right to left rather that left to right, as is usually the case with sequential art.It takes a little effort to get used to it but I’ve found the storytelling in the manga titles that I enjoy is definitely worth the effort.

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