Ten Sanity Saving Tricks with Tape

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masking tape, crafts, kids, preschool, toddlers, projects, constructionmasking tape, crafts, kids, preschool, toddlers, projects, construction

Masking tape: It's not just for painting anymore.

I am not exaggerating one single bit when I tell you that masking tape saved my sanity as a parent. As we continue Cabin Fever Week here at GeekMom, take a tip from me: get tape. For some reason, my kids thought it was a great treat to have unlimited access to tape. Regular old masking tape will work fine, but for extra excitement, consider colored masking tape or patterned Japanese masking tape. Truly, your kids will think you rock. Now, got tape? Get busy.

[To read how to save your parental sanity with tape, read Kris Bordessa’s post over at GeekMom!]

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