A Toy Fair Treasure: Revolutionizing Our Sledding Family

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On the long drive home from the Toy Fair in Manhattan I made a mental list of which products I’d like to write about. I’d seen many new toys and games and had a bag full of press kits and business cards. But which should I write about first?

The answer actually came fairly easily: the one product that had been handed to me, in a small booth at the fair, with a promise that my kids would love it. I’d seen this crazy looking plastic thing from a distance and my curiosity drove me straight toward it. When I got up close I saw pictures that led me to believe it was some kind of sled. In fact, it was called a Zipfy sled.

Photo: Great Circle Works

I explained to the polite lad working the booth that we went through sleds in my family like they were disposable, one time use products. I have three teens, and one almost- teen. Three of them are boys. Boys who thrive on adventure and build ramps and jumps for anything they can ride, including sleds. The regular plastic sled doesn’t last long in our house and the one that’s the “least broken” is the one they all fight over.

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