You Can Help Raise Funds For The Dice Tower’s Vasel Family


If you like board games, you’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) Tom Vasel. Tom is the driving force behind The Dice Tower, a site devoted to board games and features podcast and video reviews of games. Among board game sites, The Dice Tower is unique – not only because of Tom’s enthusiasm and prolific contributions, but also because he includes his daughters in his video podcasts. Who better to recommend a game for kids than a kid herself?

Tom and his wife have been blessed with six daughters and he was fortunate enough to have a son last fall, just before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Jack, who was born two months prematurely, was also born very ill with a bad strain of E Coli. Since his birth, there have been many ups and downs and Jack, sadly, never left the hospital. Yesterday, after several days of bad news, the Vasel family received the worst news imaginable – after nearly seventy days, Jack Vasel passed away.

It is horrible news, indeed, and if you’ve ever had a child in the hospital, you can sympathize with what Tom and his family are going through. You can probably also understand what several months of hospital bills will look like. So, the community over at BoardGameGeek is running an auction to raise funds for the Vasel family. You can bid on items by posting at this thread or donate via paypal. Tom has given a lot to the geek community. It would be nice if we can all give him a little something back.

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