Turn Artwork Mistakes into a Beautiful Oops!

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All parents experience this. When kids reach a certain age, they often become very upset when they make mistakes on a piece of artwork. My daughter, in particular, would get very upset when she messed up a picture, and she would cry and think it was ruined. Fortunately, I told her enough times that she could turn the mistake into something else that hadn’t been originally planned that she doesn’t worry about those kinds of mistakes anymore.

But for kids that need more encouragement, show them the book Beautiful Oops! It is both an awesome lesson in how to turn mistakes into new pieces of art, and a fun book with flaps and folds and tears and openings. There is texture, color and three-dimensional creations. There are few words, but words aren’t necessary for the lesson this book offers. You and your kids both will enjoy paging through it, gathering inspiration for the next artistic “disaster.” It’s a fun picture book that can also be a reference for redeeming mistakes. Maybe your kids will start messing up their artwork on purpose to see what they can turn it into.

Beautiful Oops! retails for $11.95 and is a fantastic book for anyone who likes to draw, but especially for children. To watch a tour of the book, set to Beautiful Oops! music, check out the official Beautiful Oops! movie.

Note: I received a copy of the book for review purposes.

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