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In NBC’s new show The Cape, Vince Faraday is an ex-cop and father who is forced to take the guise of his son’s favorite comic book hero to bring down a corrupt police force. Faraday has his cape, made of Kevlar-like spider silk, which he can snap like a whip to disable foes. What do you have in your GeekDad utility belt?

If your own superhero stockpile is spent and you’re looking to replenish, then look no further. GeekDad and The Cape are bringing you the best of the best in geeky tools, gadgets and entertainment so that you can re-arm yourself for the upcoming year.

One lucky GeekDad or GeekMom will win an entire superhero ensemble, with clothing from 5.11 Tactical, toys and gadgets from Logitech, Maker Shed, ThinkGeek, Wizards of the Coast and some other cool surprises. We’ll post additions to the Utility Belt every day, so be sure to follow GeekDad on Facebook, on Twitter, or via our RSS feed to keep track of what you can win!

Check out the rest of the article to see how to enter.

Taclite Pro Pants from 5.11 TacticalTaclite Pro Pants from 5.11 Tactical

Photo: 5.11 Tactical

We’ve already selected our superhero shirt, but going out in public in just your underwear doesn’t really work. Unless you’re Superman. So, to cover the legs of our lucky winner, 5.11 Tactical has again offered up a really cool piece of clothing that is both comfortable and functional.

The Taclite™ Pro Pants are made of a lightweight polyester/cotton blend with a Teflon wear resistant finish. With tons of pockets, you can store plenty of the other awesome gear you’ll win in our contest. Check out a video demo of the Taclite Pro Pants in action.

One lucky geekdad or geekmom will don a pair of these heroic pants, along with the rest of the cool stuff in our Ultimate GeekDad Utility Belt. Just fill out the form below (or click here to fill it out in a new window) and be sure to let us know what single item you always include in your utility belt. This contest is limited to US addresses only. Enter once and you’re set for the entire contest, so no need to fill out the form every day.

The CapeThe CapeAnd be sure to check out The Cape on NBC, Mondays at 9/8c.

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