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Kinect has certainly got my family more active this year. We’ve really enjoyed the way different Kinect games get you using muscles you didn’t know you had – yes Dance Central I’m looking at you.

Then yesterday my daughter (7) came home talking about how she was going to play Kinect Sports against real sports people. I thought it was just a playground game, but on further investigation I discovered it was actually a real scheme being put together by Rare and Microsoft.

They are offering the chance to win an Xbox 360 and Kinect. But the really interesting part is that you get to use your new equipment with Olympic runners Linford Christie and Mark Lewis-Francis – both 100 meter gold medalists.

To enter, as my daughter also seemed to know, you need to follow @tweetbox360 and tweet them (with the tag #KinectSportsGWF) a picture of yourself playing Kinect Sports saying why you should win. They have all the detail on their Facebook page too.

Although this is, of course, a nice bit of publicity for them I think it’s no bad thing if more people get up and active.

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