My Top 10 Tear-Jerking Moments in Science Fiction

Geek Culture

Traditionally, science fiction revolves around action rather than drama, humor rather than tragedy. Whilst deaths are commonplace in a genre filled with space battles and horrifying creatures, truly emotional moments are much harder to come by, but that’s not to say they do not exist: far from it. Below are my personal top ten tear-jerking moments in science-fiction — I’ve had to cut many more out as this could easily have been a top fifty.

Men in Black, Tommy Lee Jones, Will SmithMen in Black, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith1. Men in Black: Agent K tells Agent J that he is Agent K’s replacement, rather than his partner. However what really tugs the heartstrings is the tortured voice in which he instructs J to remove all his memories of his time as a Man in Black because “I’ve just been down the gullet of an interstellar cockroach, kid, and that’s one of a hundred memories that I don’t want”.

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