Happy Birthday to Richard Dean Anderson!



Photo by Ken Denmead

It’s not often an actor gets to play one role with iconic geek cred, let alone three. But Richard Dean Anderson achieved that amazing track record playing every maker’s hero, Angus MacGyver, then Ernest Pratt, the writer turned old-west hero in the short-lived (but well-remembered) Legend, and finally Colonel (and later General) Jack O’Neill in Stargate: SG1 (for which he was made an honorary Brig. General in the U.S. Air Force). RDA, as he is known to fans, is also a stalwart supporter of many humanitarian and environmental organizations, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Sea Shepherd Conservancy.

We at GeekDad would like to wish Richard (who is a dad himself) a very happy 61st birthday today, and thank him for all his great work, both on camera and off.

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