GeekDad Challenge Of The Week: Build A Lego Car

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Lego Car by Flickr user Sean DreilingerLego Car by Flickr user Sean Dreilinger

Image by Flickr user Sean Dreilinger, used under CC Licensing.

As we alluded last month, we are going to take a vacation from puzzles for a bit. Rather than logic puzzles, codes or other brain teasers, we’ll be presenting you with a variety of challenges each week. We’re hoping that we can provide you with diversions across a broad mix of hobbies and pursuits. (If you have any suggestions, let us know!)

This week, the challenge is to grab your kids, dump out your Lego bucket and build a car. Be as simple as a Flintstones car or as complex as The Homer – it’s up to you. When you’re done, snap a photo and upload to our Flickr group with the tag: GeekDad-Lego-Car.

At the end of the day Friday, we’ll randomly pick a winner who will receive a $50 gift certificate from Think Geek. Have fun – and get to clicking bricks!

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