Tron Betrayal Fills In The Blanks Leading To Legacy

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It’s been a long time since Tron threw his disk into MCP’s core, destroying the rogue program and Sark. It’s been so long, judging from the trailers for Legacy, that Flynn has a grown son and The Grid has evolved to a landscape that is versions beyond its former structure.

Luckily, we have Tron Betrayal to fill in the gaps in the digital universe of these movies. The book is a graphic novel that picks up roughly where Tron ended and sets the stage for this week’s release of Legacy.

Betrayal begins with a short recap of what happened in Tron (which is nice for kids who haven’t been able to see the first movie) and then fast forwards about a year in the future where we see Flynn struggle with his competing roles as game designer and Encom board member. His challenges are made all the more difficult by the expectations and demands of impending fatherhood. Still, most of the graphic novel takes place where Flynn really feels at home – on The Grid.

The book explains the relationship between Flynn and Clu, the hurdles Flynn is faced with as The Grid evolves and much more. Thanks to the format, the story moves along quickly and is easy enough for kids to follow. The illustrations have more in common with Legacy than Tron – identity disks, clothing and vehicles are of the modern variety, rather than the older designs.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I don’t know how well the graphic novel dovetails with the movies — or how many questions the book answers (that the movie doesn’t) — but if you’re a Tron fanatic like most of us GeekDads, then Tron Betrayal is a must have for your bookshelf.

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