GeekMom Kitchen Alchemy: Make Your Own Marshmallows

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“What’s this?” my son asked, waving a jar clearly marked Marshmallow Creme. It wasn’t a literal question; he can read. He was really asking me why in the world I was bringing such crap into the house. “It’s got corn syrup in it. The first ingredient!”

My holiday fudge is the best fudge ever*. The recipe calls for a jar of marshmallow creme. What’s a girl to do? I have to make fudge. It’s a holiday tradition.

Him: “Can’t you mess around with the recipe and leave out the marshmallow?”

Me: “It won’t be the same! You know how much you guys love my fudge.”

Him: “Isn’t there something else you can use?”

Me: “It won’t be the same!”

Him: “Can’t we make our own marshmallow creme without corn syrup?”

Me: “Actually, I do know where I can get a recipe like that…”

Him: “Let’s make some, then. That would be fun!”

And so we did. We used the recipe for corn syrup-free marshmallows from Frugal Kiwi. The boys measured our sugar, honey, and water into a pot, but once the sugar melted, the amount of liquid in the pot was laughable. The ingredients barely filled the bottom of our 8-quart pot so we switched to a small saucepan. The sugar mixture was a kind of ugly brown color the entire time it was cooking – not very marshmallow-y at all. The boys were a little skeptical, wondering if this recipe would really make very many marshmallows. Or if they’d be the right color.

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