A Very Muppet Marriage Proposal


I came across this story on Lost at E Minor and absolutely loved it. I tried to put some thought and planning into my proposal to my wife — but it took place my senior year of college, when I had barely any money and had absolutely no idea about buying jewelry. All I could do was make sure that the proposal itself was a surprise when it happened, and it was.

But some people have gone to great lengths for jaw-dropping proposals, and Sid Ceaser is one of them. A professional photographer and lifelong Muppets fan, Sid actually purchased custom Muppets that looked like himself and his beloved Sara, made a little movie trailer, and then arranged to have it shown at an actual movie theater.

The full story is more romantic, better told and well worth reading. So watch Sid’s video below, and then head to his site for the full scoop. And then hide this post from your wife so she won’t be so disappointed in your “I did get down on one knee” defense.

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