Star Wars Galactic Battle Game – Sometimes the Dark Side Does Win

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What if you took the idea of a collectible card game and packaged that with the most popular line of toys and sold them together for one price? The end result is the new line of Star Wars action figures. The new Galactic Battles line combines the newest line of Star Wars figures with a card detailing their attack and defense prowess. The figures also include a stand that holds the figure up and a custom six-sided die. The Galactic Battle card is inserted into the figure stand which displays the attributes the player is allowed to use and bonus points. The die is then rolled to see which stat is used for the attack or defense. The figure with the higher statistic wins the round. This ends the age old saga of who-got-who first.

Revised Battle of Geonosis

Sample play with my six-year-old son
Setting – The encounter of General Grievous and Obi-wan Kenobi on Geonosis

Me – Obi-wan: “Prepare for the end Grievous. You will now pay for the destruction of my Turbo Tank, the damage done to my Clone friends, and the injuries sustained to Buzz Lightyear!”

Son – General Grievous: “No way! Take that good guy!”

We roll the dice. General Grievous wins with a total score of 13; Obi-won scores a 9.

Son – General Grievous: “Now to take down Anakin and R2-D2; then I have to clean up.”

Play continues.

Battle of HEXBUG Bridge

SPOILER: Anakin does get slain in the battle of HEXBUG Bridge, but soon after R2 avenges their deaths with a surprise attack involving a TIE fighter and a lucky dice roll.

Just like the Reese’s Cups are “two great tastes, that taste good together”, Hasbro has developed an idea that gives action figures another mode of play. I highly recommend choosing the new Galactic Battle version of the Star Wars action figures, however I do wish there was a way to get statistics cards for figures already owned (like a booster pack).

For more information concerning the Galactic Battles brand click here. I know that I do not need to tell you where to buy action figures – but they can also be bought online.

Happy Playing!

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