Settlers of Catan for $25 and Other Geeky Cyber Monday Deals

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Back at your desk and getting some more shopping in? I’ve got a few geeky suggestions for today’s click-and-buy frenzy.

  • Ever feel like you’re the last person in the world not playing Settlers? ThinkGeek has Settlers of Catan in the clearance section. With today’s $10 off coupon (use code CYBERMONDAY10), that makes it only $24.99. And since half the fun of holiday shopping is buying things for yourself, don’t forget they’ve also got the new heroine shirts Jenny posted about.
  • X-treme Geek is offering $0.95 shipping (use code SHIP953), and there’s a ton of stuff in their clearance section. You might finish your holiday shopping right there. Or if you need a new way to wake up, this is the cheapest sunrise clock I’ve seen. I looked at them a bit a few weeks ago and found they were often $150 or more.
  • The Discovery Store has some great deals on their DVD sets, like the Planet Earth series for $19.99 or Blu-Ray for $24.99. That’s 75% off the usual price. The life and Life on Earth series are also on sale today.
  • Or if you’re looking for less science and more science fiction in your DVD collection, Amazon is running TV and movie specials all day. Get Dollhouse on Blu-Ray for $9.99 or the first season of Fringe for $13.99.
  • For you cooking and baking geeks, I can recommend something I’ll be trying myself soon. A Penzeys Spices retail location recently opened in my neighborhood, which means more spices than I could ever have imagined, all in one place. Their Baking Mini Gift Box and Grill and Broil Mini Gift Box are on sale for $7.95 (instead of $11.95) not just today, but through the end of the year. I picked up the baking set and will be using it for gingerbread as well as a cinnamon roll taste-test with its two types as well as their Korintje cinnamon.
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