New Cthulhu Bag Holds Your Dice, Eats Your Sanity

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It’s not every day that you would want to invite the star-spawn of the high priest to the Great Old Ones into your home, but you may want to make an exception to that rule when you see how many dice this dreaded cosmic entity can hold. Unlike the real Cthulhu, this one has an ample pouch in its back for carrying all of your multi-sided dice, car keys or maybe just some tokens of your life before you started following the many-tentacled one. Plus, your valuables will remain safe because – unlike those lesser, drawstring-ensconced bags, Cthulhu’s pouch is protected with a zipper that’ll make losing dice tougher than finding R’lyeh.

The Cthulhu dice bag is available from Steve Jackson Games or your local game store and makes an excellent addition to their Cthulhu Dice game. Order one today — Cthulhu waits dreaming of your dice.

Disclosure: Steve Jackson Games sent GeekDad a sample to evaluate.

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