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Dyson CityDyson City

Dyson City

It’s not often technology makes you want to move house. But that was my wife’s reaction to Dyson’s new City vacuum.

It’s sold on the basis of its small size, easy storage and suction power. On all these she had no quibbles. But what turned out to be a much more important feature for us seems to have been overlooked: the power cord length.

I agree with her, that when you are hovering (ahem, I mean vacuuming) the last thing you want to do it stop half way through and change plugs. In fact, the idea of cordless vacuuming actually got us both quite excited last year with Electrolux’s Ergorapido and Unirapido cordless vacuums.

The Dyson City’s small size obviously means less space for the cable which in turn means it doesn’t stretch from one end of our downstairs to the other — never mind downstairs to upstairs. That makes it sound like we live in a mansion, whereas actually we live in a relatively average three bed house. Her solution was that we should move — which is perhaps testament to how much she liked the other features of the Dyson.

It was very compact and did have great suction — although we felt it could have done with a brush style head for carpets. Better still it could be stored under the sink, freeing up space in our ever cluttered under-stairs cupboard.

If you have a smaller city house (as the name suggests) or just a few rooms to vacuum the Dyson City would be ideal. But for us, we’ll have to wait until the great minds at Dyson can dream up a wirelessly-powered or rechargeable Dyson.

Wired: Tiny, tiny Dyson; same big suction.

Tired: Show-stopping short cable.

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