10 Geeky Things to Be Thankful For, 2010 Edition

Hacking the Holidays

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Just the fact that you’re reading this means that, if we’re serious about it, you have things to be thankful for — to whatever higher power you believe in or simply to the universe in general. But you probably didn’t come here wanting to be serious, so we’ll let you deal with such things on your own.

In considering what to include on this list, I was originally going to include “We haven’t heard anything more about the reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Joss Whedon, so maybe it’s dead.” Sigh. And of course, in last year’s list I included an item about how George Lucas had said there wouldn’t be another Star Wars trilogy and that the six existing movies weren’t going to be re-released in 3D. So you’ll understand why this year’s list doesn’t have anything related to Star Wars on it.

These are in no particular order, and we’d love to hear your ideas for geeky things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day 2010 in the comments.

1. Peter Jackson is directing The Hobbit, and the cast that’s been announced so far looks excellent. While we weren’t hugely unhappy with the prospect of Guillermo del Toro directing, the news that Jackson has taken over can only be a good thing.

2. The Verizon iPhone looks like it will actually happen within the next year, possibly the next few months. If I worked for AT&T Wireless, I would be cashing in my stock options just as soon as I could.

3. Matt Smith has silenced the skeptics and proved himself a surprisingly excellent Doctor Who. Those who bemoaned David Tennant’s decision to leave are, for the most part anyway, singing a different tune.

4. Caffeine.

5. It looks like Duke Nukem Forever, the most famous vaporware product ever, will actually be released on February 1 of next year. If it really does hit stores as scheduled, we advise caution when venturing outside on that date, due to the serious possibility of airborne swine.

6. After years of declining relevance to what was actually popular on the web, Digg finally dug its own grave with its major site restructuring.

7. Joss Whedon is directing the movie of The Avengers. We are fairly confident that Fox does not have the authority to cancel it, but if asked would probably hesitate to place a bet on it.

8. Portal 2 is set to come out in April, after garnering tons of accolades at this year’s E3 convention. We have yet to hear whether there will be cake.

9. TRON is finally getting a sequel, 28 years later. Now we just need to convince Fox that Buckaroo Banzai deserves one, too.

10. With AMC’s awesome adaptation of The Walking Dead comic book series, there’s finally a zombie story in the mainstream that relies on deeply-drawn characters, not just scaring viewers.

[The image at the top of this article is a modified version of Norman Rockwell‘s famous painting “Freedom From Want.” Special thanks to GeekDad Nathan Barry, who assembled the image for last year’s Thanksgiving despite being British and therefore not a celebrant of said holiday.]

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at GeekDad!

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