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As I mentioned earlier, I received a copy of the new Super Scribblenauts to review. As a fan of the first game, my son and I were eager to see how the sequel played and we both agree that it rocks.

Super Scribblenauts is not only a welcome update, it polishes away all of the annoying bits of the first game. The vocabulary is greatly improved. We were having trouble finding a lot of words that the game didn’t know. The best new feature of the game are the adjectives.

I really enjoyed the new adjective levels that require not only finding the proper object to solve the puzzle, but describing it correctly.

The difficulty of the levels varied, and I suspect a true wordsmith will find many of them easy, but Travis and I both had to work on a few of them. One that stumped us the most so far was finding out what the Lion (from the Wizard of Oz) wants. Hint: It isn’t the medal of courage as seen in the movie.

There are a few rough parts in the games. Some of the graphics are pixelated and a little difficult to discern, and the hand writing recognition is slow, but overall it is a great improvement to a fun and casual puzzle game.

Wired: Updated graphics, adjectives, new puzzle styles.

Tired: A few low quality graphics, character recognition.

Super Scribblenauts is available from Amazon for about $30.

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