Munchkin Zombies Zombie-A-Day Exclusive Preview: The Grand Finale!


Munchkin Zombies CoverMunchkin Zombies Cover

Copyright © Steve Jackson Games

All of us at GeekDad hope you’ve enjoyed our exclusive preview of Munchkin Zombies this week. We’re very grateful to our awesome contributing cartoonist, John Kovalic, and to that legend of game design himself, Steve Jackson, for providing us with the highly entertaining preview artwork and commentary. In case you missed any of the card previews from earlier this week, you can view them all here.

The cover of the game is, as you’ve probably figured out, pictured above. The backs of both the treasure and door cards are pictured below. Munchkin Zombies will hit shelves in April of 2011.

Happy Halloween, fellow munchkins!

Treasure card back

Treasure card backTreasure card back

Copyright © Steve Jackson Games

Door card back

Door card backDoor card back

Copyright © Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson, Designer – And here’s the cover, and card backs. What’s the first thing you notice on the cover? It’s a zombie. Why is that special on a game called Munchkin Zombies? Because the munchkins were zombie hunters in the first draft of the game. That made the monsters all zombies … which worked … but it just wasn’t as SILLY as a Munchkin game is supposed to be!

So the munchkins turned into zombies, and the “monsters” turned into more or less normal people (with a few rogue zombies, because cards like Zombie Chihuahua were too good to lose) … and YES. This was the right thing to do.

Coming in April. Hide your brains.

John Kovalic, Artist – Seeing the cover and card backs finished is always a thrill – that’s the point where my simple black-and-white line-work really starts to take shape, thanks in no small part to the amazing coloring skills of the Steve Jackson Games graphics folks: Alex Fernandez in particular, who really makes my simple ‘toons look great.

Usually, the cover is the first thing tackled in any Munchkin project. With Zombies, it was the last, so I’d already had practice drawing all the odds and ends the zombie picked up along the way. Awful, mind-bending, horrible, horrible practice. Things I’ll never be able to un-forget. Did I REALLY draw a zombie playing paddle-ball with a human eyeball?

Often, you’ll hear cartoonists talk about drawing until their hands hurt. Munchkin Zombies was definitely a case of drawing until my BRAIN hurt.

Which, if you think about it, is actually pretty appropriate.


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