Munchkin Zombies Zombie-A-Day Exclusive Preview: Brains Enough for Two!


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Munchkin Zombies, scheduled for release in April 2011, will be the first full Munchkin game in almost three years. GeekDad contributing cartoonist John Kovalic is the man behind the Munchkin art yet again, so Steve Jackson Games has very graciously agreed to give GeekDad’s readers an exclusive sneak first peek at some of the new cards of the set.

Munchkin creator and game design legend Steve Jackson chose the cards, and both he and John will be giving us a few of their insights on a daily basis this week. So be sure to come back to GeekDad every day for a new card from Munchkin Zombies, and new thoughts from Steve and John. And now for today’s card:

Brains Enough for Two

Brains Enough for TwoBrains Enough for Two

Copyright © Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson, Designer – You can’t blame any one of us for this. This is what happens when your Munchkin team pools its brains … so to speak. I wanted to show two munchkins sharing one brain, to go on a card that lets the helper level up after a combat. Andrew suggested the”noodles” scene from Lady and the Tramp as inspiration. And John did … this. Euggggggh. I love it.

John Kovalic, Artist – The original art specs for this piece offered me two different approaches to the card art: this, and one of which was almost tasteful, by comparison. So I rejected that one out of hand. Look, there are only so many times in one’s professional life when you get given the chance to draw two zombies slurping brains from a straw while making goo-goo eyes at each other, y’know? I believe, when I was finished with this card, I Tweeted “I HAVE JUST FINISHED THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER DRAWN.” However, this was early on in the Munchkin Zombies project, so that was a record that didn’t stand for long…

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