Alien Zombies!

Hacking the Holidays

The Down Home Zombie BluesThe Down Home Zombie BluesAs I’ve said here before, Linnea Sinclair is currently one of my favorite current science fiction authors because of her action sequences excellent characterization. This zombie story is one of her most off-beat and wry tales and perfect for Halloween.

The Down Home Zombie Blues has alien zombies. Okay, they’re not exactly called zombies by the galactic forces chasing them to prevent infestation on unsuspecting worlds. Instead, the so-called zombies are created by a bio-mechanical organisms using Earth as their breeding ground.

But they act a lot like zombies.

This time, they pick Florida as the place to begin their takeover. Assigned to stop them is Guardian Force Commander Jorie Mikkalah. She reluctantly joins forces with blues-playing police detective Theo Petrakos, who has to deal not only with the concept that zombies are real but so are human-looking aliens. Very attractive human-looking aliens.

Cue an excellent mystery, some great action sequences with the zombies, and a seemingly star-crossed romance.

The trailer for the book, excerpts, and other information can be found at Sinclair’s website page. The book one has been optioned for a movie deal, so here’s hoping it is made soon and the filmmakers include the excellent blues soundtrack that the story deserves.

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