SomaFM’s Doomed is a Great Soundtrack for your Haunted House

Hacking the Holidays

I have been a big fan of internet radio station SomaFM for a long time now.  I paid for a subscription (though I think it’s time to re-up), and even called my Congressman to show my support for internet radio as the major labels try get royalty rates set that would put small operations like SomaFM out of business.  Their Groove Salad, Secret Agent, and Space Station Soma channels are great companions at work or home, depending upon your mood, and great ways to discover new music.  For the upcoming holiday, however, I wanted to point out their Doomed channel as a possible ambient soundtrack for any household decorating you might do.  It’s a dark, industrial mix with lots of creepy ambient sounds that would be perfect for a scary display.  And what a perfect thing for a GeekDad to do: pipe an internet radio station out to wireless speakers for your Halloween fun!

I heartily encourage you to check out all SomaFM’s stations – there’s a nice variety of indie sounds. Remember, you can listen to internet radio through iTunes, as well as a number of other web-based players that are available online.  And consider dropping Rusty and his team a donation, and support internet radio!

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