ABCs and 123s Apps Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy

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Alphabetic and Super 7 by No MonkeysAlphabetic and Super 7 by No Monkeys

Alphabetic and Super 7 by No Monkeys

Any geek parent knows that iPhones are great for keeping kids occupied for a few minutes, but some of us feel a wee bit guilty about giving young kids a bunch of screen time. So we look for apps with some redeeming value, telling ourselves things like “Well, at least she’s learning her ABCs, right?” But the truth is, many so-called educational games aren’t really teaching our kids anything except expertise with the interface. And, of course, many of the games that will actually teach something aren’t much fun to play and your kids won’t choose them voluntarily.

I’ve recently come across two app developers—each with an alphabet game and a number game—which are outstanding and unlike the rest of the crowd. They look different, they feel different, and some of them are even fun for adults.

Click through to read about No Monkeys (excellent apps for older kids and adults) and Montessorium (a different approach for educational apps for little ones).

Disclosure: I requested and received review codes for all four apps reviewed here.

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