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The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS is the biggest and baddest Nerf blaster of the year, a rapid-firing colossus that is guaranteed to win any cubicle war. I’ve been, I mean, my kids have been playing around with my review Stampede for the past month or so and here’s what we have to report:

Rate of fire is great, though I think modders will want to play around with different motors and voltages. The D-cells the blaster uses give it a nice heft and last for hundreds of shots.

All types of Clip System magazines work well with the Stampede. Using the 6-shot clips found in most CS Nerf guns is silly, but fortunately you get three 18-shot clips with the Stampede. Plus, as you can see from the photo, the monster 35-dart drum from the Nerf Raider works as well! But you’ll have to buy that one separately.

The Stampede packs a lot of accessories and the rail mounts to accommodate even more. There’s a little shield (not in the pic) that fits on the top that looks like it’d be useful for sniping between couch cushions. However, I found it inconvenient for normal use. My favorite attachment is the bipod/foregrip, which you can see in the photo with the bipod telescoped inside the handle. The foregrip is super cool but doesn’t hold on to the barrel very well; for instance, if you accidentally pick up the gun by the foregrip it’ll fall off. In addition, the Stampede’s tactical rails are compatible with all standard Nerf sights and lights.

OK, we’ve established that the Nerf Stampede rocks. Now, let’s give one away! Leave a comment telling us about the fun you’d have with this great toy, and I’ll pick a random winner. Very sorry, Nerf can send this to U.S. and Canada addresses only! Comments close Saturday morning.

Thanks so much to the 155 readers who posted their thoughts on Nerf and the beauty that is the Nerf Stampede. The winner is MattS from post #6. Have a great weekend and holiday!

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