Great Scott! Back to the Future Returns To The Big Screen!

Geek Culture


If you’re reading this from more than a month past today, and you’ve got yourself a flux capacitor-equipped DeLorean handy, go fire up the Mr. Fusion or start looking for a lightning bolt.

The classic Back to the Future is turning 25 years old in style, with a two-showing theatrical release on Oct. 23 and 25. (Bonus points if you noticed that yes, it was on Oct. 25, 1985 that “Doc” Emmett Brown called Marty McFly and summoned him to that fateful meeting at Twin Pines Mall.) AMC Theatres are hosting the event, and has more details here.

Even if you (and your kids) have watched the movie countless times at home, there’s still something about the theatrical experience — I went to the WarGames 25th anniversary screening in 2008 and was stunned at how quickly I was totally sucked into a movie I’ve had memorized for years.

BTTF obviously holds a place of honor in GeekDad film fandom, with its characters and quotes and gadgetry referenced regularly, so even if they’d done absolutely nothing to clean up the presentation of the movie — the re-release is digitally remastered – it would still be worth the trip, GeekDad-Dad-Daddy-O.

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