GeekDad’s Exclusive Magic: The Gathering “Scars of Mirrodin” Spoiler

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Scars of Mirrodin is Magic: The Gathering‘s new block and boy, does it look cool: a metal world with five suns, one for each color of mana.

Mirrodin is home to races familiar to the Multiverse like humans and elves, loxodons and leonin as well as indigenous creatures such as the myr. Five suns, each a color of mana, shine down on the thorny copper jungles of the Tangle and the noxious wastes of the Mephidross. The rusty mountains of the Oxidda Chain rise above the Razor Fields and the swells of liquid metal in the Quicksilver Sea.

Thought by many to have been eradicated by Urza and his Planeswalker allies, Phyrexia still lives. A devious colonization weapon was created by the evil Yawgmoth and his Phyrexian minions known simply as “the oil.” The oil has found its way to the plane of Mirrodin by its own creator, Karn…and the contagion has spread.

Now, strange events are taking place on the gleaming plane of Mirrodin. The Mephidross is rapidly expanding into the surrounding areas. Viscous and virulent new creatures are emerging, vaguely familiar but changed in disturbing ways. Mirrans, unaware of the meaning of these strange portents, are living on a plane infected by Phyrexia, and their days of peace are numbered.

And so, once again GeekDad has a spoiler card to share. Like many of our previous spoilers, Wizards gave us a nice and powerful one!

(c) Wizards of the Coast

Argentum Armor is sort of like a swords & sorcery mecha suit! It costs only 6 colorless mana and delivers a wallop — and if you want to switch it from one creature to another, you just need to pay 6 more mana. Very nice.

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