GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week Solution: Are You Ready For Some Hand-Egg?

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Chalk it up to apathy or a busy weekend (we spent a lot of time building a compressed air rocket), but I didn’t realize until pretty late in the afternoon on Sunday that this was the first weekend of the NFL season. So, with a nod to all of you fantasy football geeks out there, this puzzle’s for you. Simply figure out the phrase in the image above. If you need a hint, check out my posts from last week.


OK, this week’s puzzle was very easy. I felt bad because some of the recent puzzles were pretty tough. So consider this a little palette cleanser. The answer is a not so subtle nod to the Wizard of Oz and the NFL. The complete phrase is:

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Congratulations to Charlie White, whose answer was randomly selected as this week’s winner. Charlie wins a $50 gift certificate from the flying monkeys over at ThinkGeek. And just because you are attractive and intelligent GeekDad readers, you can get $10 off any order of $40 or more at ThinkGeek by using the coupon code GEEKDAD87UP.

Be sure to check back on Monday when the quarterback of quizzes, Dave Giancaspro, will be back with a first-string puzzle to blitz your brain. Thanks to everyone who sent in a solution for this week’s puzzle!

Helmet images: National Football League

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