Comic-Con Round-Up: For Tweens and Teens

Geek Culture

PS238PS238PS238, Full Frontal Nerdity, Backward Compatible

Aaron Williams (definitely geeky and a new dad himself) has several comics which are available both online and in dead-tree format. PS238 is about a school for super-powered kids, and I picked up a couple sample issues. I thought it was a cute idea (and I loved his promo stickers: “My metaprodigy saved your honor roll student at PS238”) but it’s probably a comic that you’ll want to go back and start at the beginning. I wasn’t familiar with all the characters and their abilities and there was obviously some history that I was missing. But as a book about superkids, it’s definitely kid-appropriate.

What I really liked, though, are Williams’ two other strips, Full Frontal Nerdity and Backward Compatible. Both comics are about geeky topics like comics, gaming, role-playing, and movies; as far as I can tell Backward Compatible ran its last strip this January but the archives are still available online.

Wired: Poking fun at geeks, by a geek himself, so he knows of which he speaks.

Tired: PS238 wasn’t as interesting to me, but may be entertaining for younger readers.

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