Review: Big Book Of Why Answers Hundreds Of Questions For Kids

Geek Culture

Driving west on I-70 towards the Rocky Mountains last week, my kids took turns laughing and challenging each other to answer questions found in Time For Kids’ Big Book Of Why. “Oh gosh!” my daughter giggled after reading Why Does Pus Form On A Cut, “The Big Book Of Why is interesting and disgusting at the same time!” It’s tough to find better praise from a carload of eight-year-olds.

The book contains answers to many of the questions you hear from curious young minds: Why Are Some Insects Attracted To light? Why Does Temperature Change? Why Don’t Sweaty Hands Smell As Bad As Sweaty Feet? And many, many more — hundreds of questions are answered across ten categories: animals, earth, space, humans, people and places, history, science, technology, art and culture and sports.

Additionally, Big Book Of Why includes a few additional facts in the back of the book (did you know infants only blink about once each minute?), along with a glossary of some of the words found in its 192 pages and a short list of suggested Web sites and books for further reading.

Even my wife and I learned a thing or two and were reminded of a few more. All told, Big Book Of Why helped get us past more than 140 miles of corn and wheat — without any DVD players or fighting — and that’s worth a lot.

Disclosure: Time For Kids Magazine sent a review copy of this book to GeekDad.

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